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Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Creating an energy-efficient home is a multi-step process. You can start big or start small. Either way, you should begin to see changes in your energy bills that will only increase as you continue to make your home as air-tight and energy-efficient as possible.


A house will lose or gain about 25% of its heat through its windows, so it makes sense to start there. There are several things you can do to make your windows true barriers to outside temperature fluctuations. An easy fix is to install insulated and room darkening curtains to windows that get a lot of sun. This type of window covering looks as decorative as any other type of curtain but is made with a special type of material to slow window heat transfer. Other options at the window include home window tinting Atlanta GA to block the hot sun’s rays or a complete window replacement. Look for double-paned windows with an NFRC rating.


Adding insulation to your attic is a great way to cut heating and cooling costs. There are several types of insulation from spray foam installed by a professional to roll out “cut and fit” insulation that could be a DIY project if you’re somewhat handy. After making sure all the seams to the outside are caulked and sealed, choose insulation with an R-Value of about 38.


When planting shade trees for your yard, consider all your angles. You’ll want tall leafy trees like ash, oak or walnut, and shorter trees to protect your house when the sun rises and sets. It also makes sense to shade your air conditioning unit. If you’re going to do some landscaping, you might as well landscape for energy efficiency. You could end up cooling the interior of your home up to 9 degrees.

Rising cooling and heating costs do not need to be a losing battle. Take a few steps toward making your home more energy-efficient and watch those bills fall.…

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Use This Great Tips About Hvac To Help You Better Understand

When it comes to selecting an HVAC system, there are many decisions to be made. While you can often trust the guidance of a trained professional, it is good to have a basic knowledge of your own so that you’re comfortable in knowing you are not buying too much. This article contains some HVAC basics that will help you to be an educated buyer.

When your contractor comes to fix your unit or install a new one, he should walk around your home and investigate what’s going on with your current set-up. They should be looking for how much insulation you have, where your windows are and what quality they are and more.

Know what work you want done before you select an HVAC contractor. Providing you with an accurate estimate over the telephone may be difficult to impossible is they can’t see the system you have. It can be harder if you don’t know what’s wrong. You need to know this before you begin.

In order to cheaply cool your home, turn the temperature up. If you take a few showers a day or just drink a cold ice water, you’ll find that you’re saving a lot of money on your utility bills by keeping the thermostat a little higher than usual in your home.

If you want to seriously extend the life of your HVAC system, as well as cut down your overall power bill, install ceiling fans in commonly used warm season rooms. Energy-star certified ceiling fans can sometimes cut your HVAC use in half. However, you won’t physically notice a difference in temperature.

If you want to turn off your air conditioning at night to save money, consider putting a standing fan next to your bed. You can set it to oscillate from your toes to your head, blowing cool air over your body and letting you sleep comfortably all night long.

Occasionally, air conditioners ice up. Sometimes the drain line will freeze, causing leaks. If this happens, disable the compressor by switching the thermostat to run the fan only. It is best to call a professional in to fix this particular issue, even though the switch to fan setting should cause the ice to start melting.

Keep your condensers free of nearby obstructions. Keep plants, fencing, even bushes back and away from the unit. Two feet is a good minimum distance it should have from anything, including walls, but the more space you give it to breathe, the better it will work and the less likely it will be to fail.

Outer coils can be cleaned with a regular outdoor hose before you turn the unit on for the season. That said, interior coils should be taken care of by a professional so that you don’t do any damage as you attempt to clean them. Bring someone in to complete a check up.

Purchasing an HVAC is typically confusing, but you are now armed with the information you need. Use it when discussing your choices with a professional to make the buying process easier and the end result one you are happy with. This will help to make your home a comfortable one all year round.…

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Why Replacing Your Rain Gutters is a Good Idea

Rain Gutters

Did you realize that water does over $2 billion worth of damage in the United States annually? Dealing with water damage can be both frustrating and extremely expensive. As soon as you notice the signs of water damage, you need to work on figuring out what is causing it. One of the main causes of this type of damage is an old and outdated gutter system.

Some homeowners fail to realize that there will come a time when their existing gutter system will have to be replaced. The following are some reasons why replacing your home’s gutter system is a wise move.

Avoid Damage to Your Roof and Foundation

Inspecting your home’s gutter system is a great way to see where problems exist. If you are noticing large puddles of water near the foundation of your home, it is probably due to a damaged gutter system. Allowing this water to linger can result in your foundation getting cracked. Damaged gutter systems can also put a lot of strain on your home’s roof.

Working with gutter installation companies Vancouver is crucial when trying to get your problems fixed. These professionals will have no problem installing the new gutter system in a timely and efficient manner. Before hiring a company to do this work, be sure to take a look at their previous work. By looking at the reviews a gutter installation company has received, you can assess whether or not they are the right fit.

Keep the Outside of Your Home Appealing

If the gutter system attached to your home is overflowing, it will damage the exterior covering on your residence. Mold and mildew can make the outside of your home look very unappealing, which is why replacing your damaged gutters is so important.

The money invested in a new gutter system will be worth it considering the problems you can avoid.…

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Why Home Gardening For Your Family Is A Healthy Choice

Gardening has brought people peace and enlightenment for hundreds of years. Gardening can provide food for your family, or exist as a simple and relaxing pleasure. This article will shed some light on the gardening process, and the many rewards it reaps.

Plants that climb can hide fences and walls. Many climbers can cover the wall or fence in as little as one growing season. You can direct them over certain branches or boards, or you can send them through plants you already have. Some need to be tied to a support, whereas certain climbers attach themselves to a surface with tendrils or twining stems. Some of the most reliable varieties are wisteria, clematis, jasmine, honeysuckle and climbing roses.

As fall arrives, it is the time to prepare for planting fall edibles. Try using a pumpkin as a natural plant pot. You can plant fall vegetables such as lettuce in an empty pumpkin shell. You simply need to cut off the top, scoop out the guts, and spray your pumpkin with Wilt-Pruf. You are prepared to plant after this is done.

Plan your garden before you plant it. This helps you remember where each plant was planted before they begin to sprout. You can also avoid losing the smaller plants, or in larger gardens, the small plant groups.

You can use boiling water to get rid of weeds naturally. The safest herbicide that you can use in your garden is a simple pot of boiling water. Just pour out the water on the weeds being careful to avoid any nearby plants. If you pour the water near your plants, it will kill the roots.

Keep your plants dry and aerated daily. Moisture on your plants is a sure way to attract parasites and disease. Fungi are parasites that are common in the plant world. Fungi can be controlled with fungicide sprays, but it is important to treat your area with the spray, before you see any problems.

You can prevent pests from invading your garden with certain plants and natural materials. For example, if you plant onions or marigolds along the edges of your vegetable garden, you can ward off slugs. Wood ash around your tree will help you keep pests away as well. These are methods you can use to get rid of the need to use pesticides.

It is particularly important for new gardeners to read and follow instructions that come with tools, as well as chemicals. Garden chemicals can cause skin irritation and eye injury. Be careful when it comes to your body, and always follow directions.

As previously discussed, the human race has been enjoying gardening for centuries. It used to be a way of subsistence. Today, however, gardening is done for many reasons, including necessity, financial gain, and personal satisfaction. The ideas, wisdom and knowledge shared with you in this article are sure to enhance your appreciation for gardening, regardless of your personal motivations for gardening in the first place. You are going to gain a greater appreciation for the benefits you reap from your gardening efforts.…

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