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3 Regular Home Maintenance Tasks That Are Essential

July 25, 2020

Homeowners understand the need for yearly home maintenance, but that does not make the tasks anymore exciting. Yes, the house may need power washed, and the grass should be mowed again, but you can probably put those chores off for a few days. However, some home maintenance jobs can not be put off because they are critical to the safety of your home and family.

1. Window Cracks

When windows become cracked, or the caulking around the casement breaks, the seal on your home is no longer secure. Keeping the energy envelop secure with window caulking or filler not only saves money on home energy costs, but it can protect the structural integrity of your window frames by preventing water from pooling in tracks and destroying the structures.

2. Roof Repair

Any damage to your home’s roof can threaten the safety and security of your family by allowing water into the attic. From wet electrical lines to growing mold colonies, when the attic area becomes wet, your home is no longer safe. If you find missing tiles or broken flashing, contact a roofing St Charles MO company and make an appointment for a consultation.

3. Critter Assessment

Critter assessment is one yearly maintenance task that most people forget to put on their list, and for many individuals that can result in an invasion. Rodents, ants, wasps, and numerous other types of creatures and critters would love to spend the long cold winter hibernating in your home. By making sure your house is secure from inviting cracks, holes, or gaps, you can also save yourself a battle for your home in the coming months.

Your house may be your castle, but if it is not safe and secure, your castle may not be a welcome reprieve from the outside world. The home maintenance jobs listed above can help keep your home safe – and your family secure.