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3 Signs You Should Replace Your Commercial Roof

July 28, 2020

Like the roof on top of your home, the roof on your commercial building wasn’t designed to last forever. If you suspect that your commercial roofing Raleigh NC could use an upgrade, here are some signs that indicate replacement could be in the near future.

1. Repairs Become Expensive

Roof repairs are part of running a business out of your retail space, office, or warehouse. However, these repairs shouldn’t be so frequent that they exceed your building’s regular maintenance budget.

There may come a point where the cost of fixing your roof is no longer feasible. When this happens, it’s a good idea to look into replacing your entire roof instead of fixing portions of it.

2. Your Roof Reaches the End of its Expected Lifespan

How long your roof lasts depends on its specific material. For instance, if your building has an asphalt roofing system, expect it to last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. If, in comparison, you have a PVC roofing system on your building, it could last up to 35 years.

Know how long your roof has been in use and plan for replacing it at some point within its expected lifespan. Waiting too long to do a full replacement could result in safety issues for your building.

3. You Have Plans to Enhance Your Building

As your business grows, you may have plans to construct an addition or make building improvements as time goes on. If it will be difficult to extend or adapt your roof in accordance with your enhancement plans, consider starting over with a new roof.

Even though you may feel like replacing your commercial roof is a necessary evil, there are many benefits that will come with it. No longer will you have to do major repairs that disrupt business and you’ll be able to enjoy a building that aligns with your business’ daily output.