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4 Common Boiler Circulator Pump Problems

April 14, 2020

Boilers heat many homes in the New York area. By heating water, the rising steam warms a room. These heating systems rely on boiler pumps to generate the steam. Over time, problems arise that require maintenance to prolong the life of the boiler. Summertime is a great time to have these problems addressed before the cold of winter sets in. Here are a few common problems.

Low Heat

The last thing you want is for your boiler to run but produce minimal heat. After all, the whole point of the boiler in the home or building is to warm the place up. The circulator pump inside the boiler may have an issue with the impeller in this case. The impeller rapidly pushes the water through the pipe to generate steam. When damaged or broken, the impeller fails to push the water fast enough to generate enough steam to produce heat even though the pump itself works. Repairing commercial pumps New York NY may only require replacement of a component rather than the entire pump.

Seal Problems

Worn or broken seals can cause a host of problems for any pump. Usually made of rubber, these seals can crack or split as they age. The water can then leak around the worn or broken seal. With so much metal on the pump, rust can soon develop around the leak. The rust is a clear indicator of a leak. Replacing the seals regularly often helps mitigate this type of issue.

Circulator Failure

There are a variety of reasons the circulator pump fails to turn on. The motor itself may be dead or frozen. The thermostat may have failed, or it may not communicate properly with the aquastat in the boiler.

Switch Problems

Power to the pump relies on the functioning of a relay switch. When this switch fails, power may come intermittently or not at all. Without power, the pump does not work or generate any heat. Fixing these types of issues can keep your building warm throughout the winter season.