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4 Different Types of Industrial Filters

February 27, 2021

industrial filters

Industrial filters are a vital aspect of the manufacturing world. Without them, people would not be able to develop products, such as makeup, medicine, and food, that are safe to consume or put on their skin. Plants that use the best filters often yield very high-quality products that are uniform in appearance and texture as well as toxin-free. Individuals can explore air sentry breathers North Carolina to garner more information about the various kinds of industrial filters that exist on the market. Here is some information about four different types of industrial filters.

1. Hydraulic Filters

Though they can be employed to purify water-based liquids, hydraulic filters are often used to extract impurities from petroleum-based substances, such as oils. Oil contaminants can damage hydraulic systems, so filters are added to prevent any malfunctions from occurring.

2. Air Filters

Air filters are able to capture large and small solid particles, like dirt and dust, from the air that flows through them. They are utilized in a vast array of manufacturing processes since they are able to better the air quality of specific areas and systems.

3. Gas Filters

It is worth noting that impurities can take on solid or liquid forms. Gas filters can remove both forms from dry or wet clouds of gas. Some gas filters come equipped with coalescers, separators, and scrubbers.

4. Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters have barriers that allow them to separate unwanted particles from liquids. Some of these filters have three-dimensional shapes while others have two-dimensional ones. Cartridge filters are often associated with high levels of purity because they are able to remove even the most microscopic elements from a liquid.

A great number of industrial processes could not be conducted without the use of filters. They play a huge role in the various industries that generate items people use in their everyday lives.