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4 Southern California Lawn Care Tips

February 23, 2021

The unique weather conditions in Southern California can make keeping your lawn healthy and looking good a challenge. These four lawn care tips will help you overcome the obstacles.

1. Reduce Erosion

Southern California is dry for much of the year, but when storms happen they can wash away topsoil, leaving ruts and trenches behind. Erosion control Southern California is a critical component of maintaining your lawn. Techniques, such as hydroseeding, can stabilize your lawn and prevent erosion.

2. Use Fertilizer

Adding fertilizer to your soil provides nutrients that will help your grass, flowers, trees and other plants grow. The main nutrients your soil needs are phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. The best time to fertilize your lawn is in the fall and spring. Dry spreaders are inexpensive to buy and can also be rented.

3. Mow at the Right Time

The heat and sun in Southern California can take a toll on lawns that are cut too short, resulting in grass that dries out and turns brown. Plan to mow your lawn when the grass is about 3.5 inches and avoid cutting it any shorter than 1.5 inches. While you are mowing, inspect your grass. Check for evidence of pests, weeds or other problems.

4. Keep Your Lawn Watered

Because Southern California experiences frequent droughts and residents are urged or required to conserve water, it is a good idea to plant varieties of grass and other plants that are drought tolerant. However, even drought-tolerant plants require water. Avoid overwatering and don’t violate any water restrictions in your area, but don’t let your plants dry out any more than they have to.

Keeping your lawn healthy and attractive in Southern California takes some work and dedication. Incorporating these tips into your lawn care routine will help you achieve the results you want.