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How To Prevent Water Damage To Your Home

Water Damage

Water can be one of the most destructive forces your home may come in contact with. It can cause building materials to disintegrate and promote mold growth. Your home is built to withstand water up to a point, but preventing water damage requires some effort on your part to perform routine maintenance.

1. Inspect Your Roof

A leak in your roof may go undetected for a long time until the water makes its way down through the attic and into your ceiling, where it can cause discoloration and damage to drywall. If it is not practical for you to get up on the roof to inspect it yourself, you can hire a roofing company Killeen TX to look at the roof for you.

2. Have Your Pipes Replaced

Copper pipes are traditional for home plumbing but have an unfortunate tendency to corrode. You can replace the existing copper pipes with plastic ones to prevent this. Replacing the pipes is a big job and probably requires the assistance of a professional plumber, but the results are well worth the effort.

3. Clean the Gutters

The gutter system directs rainwater away from your home. Unfortunately, it can become clogged with leaves and debris. This can result in water damage in several different ways. The water may seep under the eaves of the roof or spill over the side where it can damage the foundation. Either scenario can result in serious water damage, which you can prevent by cleaning the gutters at least once a year or possibly twice.

4. Keep Your Drains Clear

Water needs somewhere to go, and the drains of your showers and sinks are designed to direct wastewater away from your home. If they get clogged up, the diverted water can cause leaks elsewhere.

You can keep your drains clear by checking the drain traps, having strainers on sinks and showers, cleaning the drains regularly, and avoiding pouring grease down the drains.

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Choosing the Right Storm Shutters

Storm Shutters

Many homes are built to withstand hurricane-force winds. The windows, roof, and walls of your home may not be as strong as you think they are, however. As a result, it’s important to take measures to protect your family from the damage that bad weather can cause. What should you do? Well, one option is storm shutters. Shutter installations are notoriously difficult because there are so many types of shutters out there. Experts must do the work well. Otherwise, your window protection could become a hazard in times of emergency. Here is what you should look for before you hire a professional:

1) Costs

To begin with, you should get competitive quotes from various companies offering storm shutters, for example, White Aluminum Fort Myers. Also, ask them about additional services, such as free consultations designed to inform homeowners of their options. It’s important to find an experienced contractor who can provide quality shutters. Be sure to look for signs of professionalism, including the condition of their tools and trucks. Reputable installers should be able to give you references if you request them.

2) Insurance Coverage

Another important factor is whether or not your home insurance provider covers storm shutter installation. Some providers even offer discounts to customers who install shutters on their property. It’s best to ask them if you’re not sure. If there are any installation costs, your insurance provider might be able to pay for them in the long run, which is something to consider.

3) Durability

The shutters you choose should be made from quality materials, especially if you live in an area with intense storms. A single impact can cause significant damage to your home if they are not strong enough. How can you tell? Well, it’s difficult for the untrained eye since there is no “visual” difference between a durable shutter and one that’s made of cheap materials. It’s best to go with a trusted company since they should be familiar with your local weather patterns.

4) Flexibility

Since you don’t know how strong the storms in the future will be, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. One way to do that is by choosing flexible storm shutters. They may cost more than the regular ones, but they can bend and withstand impacts. On the other hand, if you want to cut costs, go for fixed storm shutters, which are less expensive and less durable.

Storm shutters can be a great investment to protect your family and possessions during heavy weather. These tips should help you choose the right ones so that you’ll know what questions to ask before contracting professional installation.

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Issues To Look for Before You Buy a Home

Issues To Look for Before You Buy a Home

Buying a home is an exciting yet stressful process. You can’t wait to find the house of your dreams, but you want to do everything your power to ensure that you don’t buy a home with a lot of problems. While you should still have a home inspector come and look over the home, you want to do your own detective work, too. Here are some things you should always look at before you purchase a house.

Home Exterior

When buying a new home, you don’t want to be saddled with rotten or missing siding. After you decide that you’re interested in putting in an offer on the home, slowly walk around the house’s exterior and pay close attention to the outside of the home. Make a note of any areas that have missing siding or where there are obvious signs of rot. You’ll then want to have a contractor evaluate those areas to determine if there is more significant damage than the eye can see.


Plumbing is an issue that can easily hide, not making itself known until the contracts are signed, and you start living in the home. When you’re in the home, run all of the faucets for at least 30 seconds and look under the sinks for any signs of leaks. Also, flush the toilets to ensure that they flush well and that there aren’t any clogs. Finally, run the showers to verify that they work and that nothing comes back up the drains. If you run into any problems, work with the seller to have a plumbing solutions Signal Hill CA service come out to fix the issues before you take possession of the home.


Issues with the foundation can be costly and, depending on what they are, hard to repair. As you’re walking the property looking at the home’s exterior, also pay attention to the foundation. If you notice any large cracks or sagging vents, then make note of them and contact a professional to evaluate how serious the problem is.

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4 Tips for a Successful Home Remodel

Home Remodel

Home remodeling projects can feel daunting for homeowners who have never taken on such a task. If you are considering a home remodel, you shouldn’t be afraid to begin simply because you’ve never taken on a project of this size or scope. With some preparation and know-how, your project can go smoothly.

Reconsider Space Utilization

You don’t necessarily have to add on to your home to complete an effective remodel. Reconfiguring your layout may be enough to breathe new life into your home while allowing you to maximize your current space. Professional remodeling services Green Cove Springs FL should be able to assist with planning a layout that will flow well and meet your family’s needs.

Lower Your Footprint

You can save money on your project and lower your carbon footprint by sourcing used materials in your remodeling project. Not only does recycling materials help the environment, but it may add some interest to your home by bringing in older pieces with a fun history. You can also recycle any materials you remove from your home to reduce your waste removal costs and further reduce your footprint.

Know Your Budget

Before beginning any remodeling project, it’s smart to have a strict budget in mind that you plan to stick to. This will prevent over spending and help you stay on track toward completion. Without a budget, you risk running out of money and could end up with a half-finished remodel.

Safety First

If you have children or pets in the home, take measures to protect them by setting up a barrier so they can’t access the remodeling area. If you’re completing a whole-home remodel, it may be a good idea to consider staying somewhere else until the project is complete. You don’t want your contractors to worry about anyone getting in the way of their work, and by removing children or pets it will allow them to work uninterrupted.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to a successful remodel.

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Don’t Ignore Water Intrusion in Your Home

Water intrusion

Water intrusion in a home is problematic. The moisture absorbs into porous structures such as drywall, carpet and ceiling tiles, saturating the area. This condition could cause structural materials to break down, rot or develop mold. Left alone, water exposure could become quite hazardous. Homeowners should be proactive about looking for water exposure and preventing significant spread from happening.

Common Causes To Watch For

A home has several sources of water, which could become problematic. Homeowners should regularly check on appliances and water lines, looking for possible leaks or breaches in the cords. Even a tiny drip over a long time could harm that the house. These may get expensive, and while insurance could help, it’s best to be proactive in preventative measures. Plumbers could come once a year to look over the system. Replace faucets and or lines that are prone to clogs or leaks.

Also, systems such as the water heater, sump pump and HVAC unit should be inspected annually. They move large amounts of water and ensure that they function appropriately.

How To Handle A Water Exposure

When you observe water stains for puddles, reach out for professional help. Experts in water damage repair Parma should review the area, testing for humidity and saturation levels. Using sophisticated equipment, the crew determines the extent of the spread and identifies if any organisms such as fungus or bacteria are present.

During this assessment, cut off water sources to the area, preventing further exposure. In addition, bring in dehumidifiers to dry out the impacted zone and less water minimizes the possibility of infestations. Then, work with the repair company to tear out the affected structures and replace them with new materials.

Water may seem innocent enough, but when it lingers in a home, it could create trouble. Be aware of how water intrusion occurs and then work with experts to remedy any damage.

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Ideas to Spruce up Your Home

spruce up your home

Are you looking for ways to improve your home but don’t want to undergo major renovations? You can complete smaller projects that don’t take as much time to help boost its overall aesthetic. The amount of time and money you put into fixing up your home is up to you and your needs. If you’re not sure where to start, you can spruce up your home with these design-savvy ideas.


Start sprucing up your home by focusing your attention on the exterior. After all, it’s the first thing people see when they arrive at your home and making a strong initial impression is a great idea. You can attempt to complete the work yourself or put your trust in residential landscape design services North Carolina, who will be able to make your home look great.


Sometimes, the simple act of decluttering around your home can spruce it up. Over time, we collect household items that can take away from our living space. You may not realize how much extra stuff you have in your home that could be repurposed or sold for a profit, so consider taking some time to give your home a good cleaning so it’s not as cluttered and you may be surprised at how clean and great your home looks.


For a quick way to refresh your home, repaint your living space in a fun new color. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a home, and with some new paint your home will look like an entirely new space. Don’t be afraid to try fun, bold hues to give your room a vibrant pop of color. Have fun with your color choices and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.
Giving your home a fresh new look doesn’t have to be time-consuming. If you have a keen eye for design and are willing to try something new, your home can look amazing.

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3 Things To Know About Mold in the Home

Mold in the Home

In-laws, mice and nosy neighbors aren’t the only unwanted guests plaguing many American homes. In every state of the nation there are homeowners working diligently to keep mold from taking hold of his or her abode. The tiny fungus plays an important role in nature by helping to decompose dead trees and fallen leaves, but when left unchecked in a house or other building it can lead to serious structural problems. Here are a few tips if you suspect mold has made its way into your residence.

Assess the Situation

First, examine the area in question to see if you’re dealing with mold or just a dirty spot. Mold has a distinct musty odor and will spread out over time, something a dirt stain will not do. You also may detect peeling or warping on the surface around mold deposits. Pay special attention to dimly lit areas that are exposed to moisture, such as attics, basements and bathrooms. There are numerous products available that assist in testing for mold in house Portland Oregon or your area.

Take Proper Precautions

Many people are allergic to mold, with it causing symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, wheezing, sore throat and skin rash. Individuals with compromised immune systems or breathing conditions like asthma and COPD are especially at risk. Keep these members of the household away from affected areas, and when anyone needs to be in the vicinity, have them wear n95 face masks. If attempting to clean the mold, be sure to wear gloves and eye protection.

Remove the Mold

Fortunately, numerous commercial products are available that will eliminate mold. If you prefer a chemical-free approach, homemade solutions using vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, tea tree oil and other natural products also may be employed. If the area is widespread or the mold has already compromised the structural integrity of the home, seek the assistance of a mold removal professional.

Nobody wants to deal with mold, but at least it’s a problem that can be resolved. Use these tips to keep your home mold-free.

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Tips To Keep Your House Warmer Without Increasing Your Heating Bill

Home heating

There are many ways to keep the heat inside where you want it during the winter months. Get rid of the pesky drafts and chilly rooms when you take some time to prepare your home for the cold weather. Here are some ideas that can help you increase the warmth of your house without a skyrocketing heating bill.

Have an Inspection

It’s a fantastic idea to have your home heating items inspected yearly to ensure you have the most functional unit possible. Home heating services Nokesville can check out your fireplace for any damage and repair it before you begin to use it regularly. Prevent costly replacements when you have experts checking for problems every year.

Use Curtains

Open your curtains to make the most of the sun’s heat streaming through the windows. This is an easy way to boost the temperature in your home, just make sure you close them when the sun sets to hold in all of that lovely warmth.

Program a Thermostat

Having the ability to change the temperature throughout the day can save you money on your next heating bill. Don’t heat an empty home if everyone’s out during the day. Instead, a programmable thermostat can change the temperature automatically based on the times you set.

Seal Drafts

The areas around doors and windows can be problem areas when it comes to drafts. Check each one for worn weatherstripping and replace it when you feel cold air seeping in around the edges. You can also use door snakes, long strips of fabric filled with rice or beans, along the bottom of the outer doors to prevent air from coming in.

When you want to stay warm, but don’t want your heating bill to keep increasing, use these ideas to stop the winter air in its tracks.

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