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Why Your Company Needs to Use Tamper-Evident Caps

Tamper-Evident Caps

Have you ever been shopping for food or drinks when you noticed that the product seemed to be already open? No one wants to buy food or drinks that seem to be tampered with. Specially sealed product caps can solve this problem. If you’re a business owner, you have an obligation to take care of your customers. While it might be cheaper and more convenient to use a different alternative, you want the very best for your customers. Read on for reasons why your company should invest in specially sealed product caps.


You wouldn’t want your customers to eat products that have been tampered with. They could get sick, or worse. As a business owner, you must do all you can to make sure your products aren’t tampered with or opened before they get into the hands of the consumer. Using tamper-evident caps will ensure that your products get safely from the manufacturing building to the store. Your customers will likely appreciate the extra precaution.


It’s in your best interest to use specially sealed product caps-even if just for the good of the company! If something bad happens to a customer from eating your product, you will likely be held liable. No company wants to deal with legal issues or the inconvenience of going to court. Even if you’re not held liable legally, then you will likely be held responsible in the court of public opinion at least. This won’t be a good look for your company. You don’t want to be held responsible for any harm that comes to a customer.


You want to be known to the public as a top-tier company. Using specially sealed caps will make your company the standard, and raise the bar for other companies. Consumers will likely notice if you take special care of your products for their own good. When it’s time to buy a food product, they will remember your actions, and choose their brand accordingly. You might even gain new customers, and the company sales could raise considerably.

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What You Need To Know About a Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter

Burning gasoline in vehicles releases carbon emissions that are collectively the single biggest contributor to global warming. However, vehicle engines used to be even more polluting than they are now, spewing even more poisonous gases into the atmosphere. Thanks to the catalytic converter, some of those gases are neutralized and the air is relatively cleaner than it would be otherwise.

What Does a Catalytic Converter Do?

A catalytic converter is a chamber that connects to the exhaust system. It has two pipes, one that collects emissions from the engine and one that releases them via the tailpipe. Carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides are all harmful gases collected inside the catalytic converter. Inside, a chemical reaction takes place that splits up molecules to form less harmful compounds. Thus, nitrogen oxides convert back to pure nitrogen, hydrocarbons become harmless water vapor, and carbon monoxide, which is lethally poisonous, is converted into carbon dioxide, which is bad for the environment but does not pose an immediate threat to your health. Like all car parts, the converters eventually outlive their usefulness, at which point you can call scrap catalytic converter buyers after having a replacement installed.

When Was the Catalytic Converter Invented?

The first person to patent a catalytic converter for a gasoline-powered engine was a mechanical engineer from France named Eugene Houdry. He received his patent in the mid-1950s. However, catalytic converters themselves had existed since the end of the previous century.

When Did Catalytic Converters Become Standard on Vehicles?

Catalytic converters became standard on gas-powered vehicles in the United States in response to the National Emissions Standards Act in 1965. This was an amendment to the previous Clean Air Act of 1963, which applied to a number of industries in a collective effort to reduce air pollution.

Catalytic converters do help to reduce emissions that pollute the air. However, they do not get rid of them entirely.

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Where To Stay During Your Next Vacation


The choice of where to stay when traveling depends on many factors, including your budget, the number of people traveling with you and how long you plan on being at the location. Staying someplace where you are comfortable will greatly increase your chances of having an enjoyable vacation. Here are three options for accommodations during your next vacation.

1. Extended Stay Hotels

Extended stay hotels are similar to traditional hotels and in fact are sometimes used by patrons not intending to stay for an extended period of time. The difference is that the extended option comes with additional features such as self-serve laundry facilities and basic kitchens in the rooms. These establishments often offer discounts for those staying for a week or longer. Extended stay hotels usually offer the same common amenities as other three-star and above hotels including pools, conference rooms and on-site fitness centers.

2. Extended Stay Apartments

Extended stay apartments may be owned by a large company or a small, local business. These cater to people who need to stay someplace for a longer period of time and desire a larger and more private space than most extended stay hotels offer. Extended apartment accommodations are popular with business travelers and vacationers who want to feel more at home than they would at a hotel or resort facility. Many extended stay apartments come with the comforts and privacy of full kitchens and separate bedrooms.

3. Resorts

A resort differs from a traditional hotel in that it offers a larger variety of amenities such as dining, shopping, entertainment and free transportation to local attractions. Resorts are generally more expensive than hotels and motels but can be a better option for those who wish to have more options available to them on the premises.

Look into these three options when deciding where to stay during your next vacation.

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3 Signs You Should Replace Your Commercial Roof

Like the roof on top of your home, the roof on your commercial building wasn’t designed to last forever. If you suspect that your commercial roofing Raleigh NC could use an upgrade, here are some signs that indicate replacement could be in the near future.

1. Repairs Become Expensive

Roof repairs are part of running a business out of your retail space, office, or warehouse. However, these repairs shouldn’t be so frequent that they exceed your building’s regular maintenance budget.

There may come a point where the cost of fixing your roof is no longer feasible. When this happens, it’s a good idea to look into replacing your entire roof instead of fixing portions of it.

2. Your Roof Reaches the End of its Expected Lifespan

How long your roof lasts depends on its specific material. For instance, if your building has an asphalt roofing system, expect it to last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. If, in comparison, you have a PVC roofing system on your building, it could last up to 35 years.

Know how long your roof has been in use and plan for replacing it at some point within its expected lifespan. Waiting too long to do a full replacement could result in safety issues for your building.

3. You Have Plans to Enhance Your Building

As your business grows, you may have plans to construct an addition or make building improvements as time goes on. If it will be difficult to extend or adapt your roof in accordance with your enhancement plans, consider starting over with a new roof.

Even though you may feel like replacing your commercial roof is a necessary evil, there are many benefits that will come with it. No longer will you have to do major repairs that disrupt business and you’ll be able to enjoy a building that aligns with your business’ daily output.

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3 Regular Home Maintenance Tasks That Are Essential

Homeowners understand the need for yearly home maintenance, but that does not make the tasks anymore exciting. Yes, the house may need power washed, and the grass should be mowed again, but you can probably put those chores off for a few days. However, some home maintenance jobs can not be put off because they are critical to the safety of your home and family.

1. Window Cracks

When windows become cracked, or the caulking around the casement breaks, the seal on your home is no longer secure. Keeping the energy envelop secure with window caulking or filler not only saves money on home energy costs, but it can protect the structural integrity of your window frames by preventing water from pooling in tracks and destroying the structures.

2. Roof Repair

Any damage to your home’s roof can threaten the safety and security of your family by allowing water into the attic. From wet electrical lines to growing mold colonies, when the attic area becomes wet, your home is no longer safe. If you find missing tiles or broken flashing, contact a roofing St Charles MO company and make an appointment for a consultation.

3. Critter Assessment

Critter assessment is one yearly maintenance task that most people forget to put on their list, and for many individuals that can result in an invasion. Rodents, ants, wasps, and numerous other types of creatures and critters would love to spend the long cold winter hibernating in your home. By making sure your house is secure from inviting cracks, holes, or gaps, you can also save yourself a battle for your home in the coming months.

Your house may be your castle, but if it is not safe and secure, your castle may not be a welcome reprieve from the outside world. The home maintenance jobs listed above can help keep your home safe – and your family secure.

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What to Consider When Building a Structure or Machine

When you start a building project, there are a lot of things you’ll need to consider. Sometimes there are plans already created, but even then, you typically have some options to choose between for specific features. The following are some things you should consider when building any type of structure or machine.

Type of Materials & Colors

Your project is going to fit into the community in one way or another. Do you want it to stand out because it looks awful, or blend in in such a way it is the most beautiful feature around? Consider the different types of materials that would work with your building. Metal? Wood? You should also consider the colors you want to use. Fortunately, there are a lot of materials that come in a variety of colors, including metal, so you have plenty of options when creating unique building plans Montevallo AL.

Most Important Elements

What are the most important elements of your project? Is function the most important, or do you put a greater emphasis on aesthetic appeal? You could also consider the purpose of the item being built. Is it a structure that will house people? How about animals? Do you need secure doors or an opening that allows individuals or animals to come in and out? Maybe you’re creating a piece of machinery and simply need it to function correctly. Every project is different, so you need to determine what is most important for your finished product.

Project Completion Date

You need to set a date on which you plan to have the project complete. This completion date plays a big role in productivity. If your structure or machine isn’t finished on time, it could set your business back by a certain amount of time. Work with your contractor to come up with this date.

As you can see, there are some important things to consider when building anything important to you. Consider materials, colors, important elements and a completion date before you get started with your next project.

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4 Common Boiler Circulator Pump Problems

Boilers heat many homes in the New York area. By heating water, the rising steam warms a room. These heating systems rely on boiler pumps to generate the steam. Over time, problems arise that require maintenance to prolong the life of the boiler. Summertime is a great time to have these problems addressed before the cold of winter sets in. Here are a few common problems.

Low Heat

The last thing you want is for your boiler to run but produce minimal heat. After all, the whole point of the boiler in the home or building is to warm the place up. The circulator pump inside the boiler may have an issue with the impeller in this case. The impeller rapidly pushes the water through the pipe to generate steam. When damaged or broken, the impeller fails to push the water fast enough to generate enough steam to produce heat even though the pump itself works. Repairing commercial pumps New York NY may only require replacement of a component rather than the entire pump.

Seal Problems

Worn or broken seals can cause a host of problems for any pump. Usually made of rubber, these seals can crack or split as they age. The water can then leak around the worn or broken seal. With so much metal on the pump, rust can soon develop around the leak. The rust is a clear indicator of a leak. Replacing the seals regularly often helps mitigate this type of issue.

Circulator Failure

There are a variety of reasons the circulator pump fails to turn on. The motor itself may be dead or frozen. The thermostat may have failed, or it may not communicate properly with the aquastat in the boiler.

Switch Problems

Power to the pump relies on the functioning of a relay switch. When this switch fails, power may come intermittently or not at all. Without power, the pump does not work or generate any heat. Fixing these types of issues can keep your building warm throughout the winter season.

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3 Great Improvement Ideas for Waterfront Homes

Planning on selling your waterside home? You’ll want to make a few home improvements so that you can get top dollar when you sell your property. Here are three great home renovation projects that will maximize your waterside home’s potential and get it sold!

1. Maintain a Seawall

In order to get top dollar for your waterfront property, you’ll want to be sure your home has every amenity that buyers are wanting. With waterfront homes, a well-maintained seawall is a must. If you don’t yet have a seawall, consult with a professional Florida marine construction company to install this valuable piece of property protection. Since a seawall is crucial for protecting your home from the elements, making sure yours is well-maintained will be a huge selling point for your home.

2. Update the Landscaping

If you have a waterfront property, chances are you spend a significant amount of your leisure time enjoying the outdoors. Enhance the exterior of your home by taking steps to improve your landscaping. Maintain your lawn by mowing it regularly and performing periodic aerations and applying eco-friendly fertilizer. Plant small flower groupings around your yard, and install flower boxes under windows to create vibrant splashes of color. By creating inviting outdoor spaces, buyers will be sure to take notice of your property.

3. Replace Old Windows

Since you’re lucky enough to have a home on the water, why not take full advantage of all the glorious views? Replacing old windows with modern windows will refresh the appearance of both your exterior and interior spaces. Install new windows to properly frame the scenic beauty of your surroundings, making your home that much more appealing to potential buyers.

Home buyers expect the best, especially from waterside homes that command a high premium. By following these tips, you’ll take full advantage of your waterfront property and sell your home in no time!

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