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Common Problems with Flat Roofs

March 10, 2022

Flat Roofs

It doesn’t matter if you own a commercial building or if your home has a flat roof; you probably know it requires more work and maintenance than other roof styles. While it’s a simple installation, regular inspections are necessary to ensure no serious issues have occurred.

While flat roof solutions Wilmington DE have several benefits, knowing some of the problems that may arise is essential. This will ensure you are aware of the issue and ready to make repairs when necessary.


A tell-tale sign you need a flat roof repair or replacement is if alligatoring occurs. With this, the asphalt used for the flat roof ages, losing elasticity. This results in cracking and bubbling that resemble alligator skin. At this point, the only solution is a replacement.

Moisture and Leaks

The most common issue with flat roofing systems relates to moisture. Leaks and lingering moisture can be handled if you stay on top of roof maintenance. Remember, unlike other roofing systems, a flat roof doesn’t drain the water that falls on it. Because of this, the moisture may begin to get into the roof, causing issues like fungus and mold. A good way to handle this type of issue is by scheduling regular roof inspections and maintenance when you find a problem.

Membrane Buckle

Flat asphalt roofs are built like shingled roofs because they have a membrane soaked in asphalt and then laid over the building, which creates the roof. However, the membrane on flat roof systems is a single piece. As a building shifts and settles, the roof does, too. This can eventually cause the membrane to buckle, which indicates the roof should be replaced.

If you notice issues with your flat roof system, don’t wait to call for repairs. The issue will only get worse and may lead to even more damage to your building or home.