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Don’t Ignore Water Intrusion in Your Home

October 1, 2021

Water intrusion

Water intrusion in a home is problematic. The moisture absorbs into porous structures such as drywall, carpet and ceiling tiles, saturating the area. This condition could cause structural materials to break down, rot or develop mold. Left alone, water exposure could become quite hazardous. Homeowners should be proactive about looking for water exposure and preventing significant spread from happening.

Common Causes To Watch For

A home has several sources of water, which could become problematic. Homeowners should regularly check on appliances and water lines, looking for possible leaks or breaches in the cords. Even a tiny drip over a long time could harm that the house. These may get expensive, and while insurance could help, it’s best to be proactive in preventative measures. Plumbers could come once a year to look over the system. Replace faucets and or lines that are prone to clogs or leaks.

Also, systems such as the water heater, sump pump and HVAC unit should be inspected annually. They move large amounts of water and ensure that they function appropriately.

How To Handle A Water Exposure

When you observe water stains for puddles, reach out for professional help. Experts in water damage repair Parma should review the area, testing for humidity and saturation levels. Using sophisticated equipment, the crew determines the extent of the spread and identifies if any organisms such as fungus or bacteria are present.

During this assessment, cut off water sources to the area, preventing further exposure. In addition, bring in dehumidifiers to dry out the impacted zone and less water minimizes the possibility of infestations. Then, work with the repair company to tear out the affected structures and replace them with new materials.

Water may seem innocent enough, but when it lingers in a home, it could create trouble. Be aware of how water intrusion occurs and then work with experts to remedy any damage.