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Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

October 23, 2020

Energy Efficiency

Creating an energy-efficient home is a multi-step process. You can start big or start small. Either way, you should begin to see changes in your energy bills that will only increase as you continue to make your home as air-tight and energy-efficient as possible.


A house will lose or gain about 25% of its heat through its windows, so it makes sense to start there. There are several things you can do to make your windows true barriers to outside temperature fluctuations. An easy fix is to install insulated and room darkening curtains to windows that get a lot of sun. This type of window covering looks as decorative as any other type of curtain but is made with a special type of material to slow window heat transfer. Other options at the window include home window tinting Atlanta GA to block the hot sun’s rays or a complete window replacement. Look for double-paned windows with an NFRC rating.


Adding insulation to your attic is a great way to cut heating and cooling costs. There are several types of insulation from spray foam installed by a professional to roll out “cut and fit” insulation that could be a DIY project if you’re somewhat handy. After making sure all the seams to the outside are caulked and sealed, choose insulation with an R-Value of about 38.


When planting shade trees for your yard, consider all your angles. You’ll want tall leafy trees like ash, oak or walnut, and shorter trees to protect your house when the sun rises and sets. It also makes sense to shade your air conditioning unit. If you’re going to do some landscaping, you might as well landscape for energy efficiency. You could end up cooling the interior of your home up to 9 degrees.

Rising cooling and heating costs do not need to be a losing battle. Take a few steps toward making your home more energy-efficient and watch those bills fall.