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Issues To Look for Before You Buy a Home

December 23, 2021

Issues To Look for Before You Buy a Home

Buying a home is an exciting yet stressful process. You can’t wait to find the house of your dreams, but you want to do everything your power to ensure that you don’t buy a home with a lot of problems. While you should still have a home inspector come and look over the home, you want to do your own detective work, too. Here are some things you should always look at before you purchase a house.

Home Exterior

When buying a new home, you don’t want to be saddled with rotten or missing siding. After you decide that you’re interested in putting in an offer on the home, slowly walk around the house’s exterior and pay close attention to the outside of the home. Make a note of any areas that have missing siding or where there are obvious signs of rot. You’ll then want to have a contractor evaluate those areas to determine if there is more significant damage than the eye can see.


Plumbing is an issue that can easily hide, not making itself known until the contracts are signed, and you start living in the home. When you’re in the home, run all of the faucets for at least 30 seconds and look under the sinks for any signs of leaks. Also, flush the toilets to ensure that they flush well and that there aren’t any clogs. Finally, run the showers to verify that they work and that nothing comes back up the drains. If you run into any problems, work with the seller to have a plumbing solutions Signal Hill CA service come out to fix the issues before you take possession of the home.


Issues with the foundation can be costly and, depending on what they are, hard to repair. As you’re walking the property looking at the home’s exterior, also pay attention to the foundation. If you notice any large cracks or sagging vents, then make note of them and contact a professional to evaluate how serious the problem is.