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Lightweight Kitchen Updates

August 29, 2021

Lightweight Kitchen Updates

The kitchen is a hub of attention and activity. It’s often a showpiece for guests. And if you’re thinking of selling, kitchens are one of the rooms potential buyers focus on most. While home improvement shows often highlight top-to-bottom remodels, smaller changes are more attainable for most people.

Small in scope doesn’t have to mean small in impact, though. Since you’re in the kitchen every day, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to see and appreciate changes there. They also offer some of the best and quickest returns on investment of any home improvements.

Good Candidates for Quick Fixes

Rather than tearing out your cabinets, you could just repaint them. If you’re looking to sell, just take a few minutes to find a trendy color. If you’re planning to stay, you could indulge yourself and experiment with something offbeat. It’s only paint, after all. If the existing hardware is cumbersome or unsightly, you can switch it out.

Similarly, you may be surprised at how much of a difference refinishing and repairing your countertops can make. Counters are one of the most visible areas of the kitchen, and they take more abuse than anything but the floor. Over the years, they can lose their luster, their colors can dull and they can become unattractively scratched. Good ceramic restoration Mount Vernon NY, can make them seem like totally new surfaces.

A little work can also go a long way for your floors. Modern luxury vinyl tile floors are much easier to repair than older materials. If you have a stained or damaged plank, it’s possible to replace just that. A stone or ceramic tile floor can benefit from refinishing in much the same way as a countertop.

All of these updates are relatively quick and affordable. They won’t take your kitchen out of action for long, and you don’t have to worry about investing a lot of money in an overhaul that might turn out to be at odds with decorative trends just a few years from now. Perhaps most importantly, they’re changes you can see and enjoy every day.