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Managing Water Retention Around Your Home

February 25, 2021

water retention

As a homeowner, you want to look across your front lawn with pride. However, sometimes water retention can make your paradise look more like a swamp. Many negative things come with excess water retention around a house, so you must address this issue promptly. Consider these tips for dealing with the problem.

Add Rain Gutters

Rain gutters can do a lot for reducing the amount of water in your yard. The gutters catch the water, and you can have the water drain into a more desirable place. If you are concerned about the look of rain gutters Shoreline, know that they can be made to match the color palette of your home. Most of the time, they are very subtle.

Build a French Drain

A French drain can be especially useful in flowerbeds or places near your home that tend to be water traps. These drains run underground, so they are not unsightly at all. Just be sure that you have a good place for the water to drain out; you do not simply want to create a water retention problem in another part of your lawn.

Check for Water Damage

When you do notice that your yard has been holding a lot of water, you should check your house for signs of water damage. If you have a conventional foundation made of wood, you need to check that the boards are not rotting. If your home is on a concrete slab, you should check for mold and mildew issues.

Not only can water retention look unsightly, but it can also cause structural damage to your home. Consider these ways to address the issue so that water is flowing in the right direction. Hiring a professional service for advice can be helpful as well. After all, you are not the only person to ever experience this unlucky problem.