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Sheet Metal Fabrication: The 4 Main Steps in the Process

June 1, 2021

Sheet metal fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication Gardena is the process of manipulating and forming sheets of metal for specific purposes. It is essential to many different industries, including construction, electronics, food services, plumbing, heating and cooling and more. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in April of 2021 there were almost 1.4 million individuals employed in the fabricated metal product manufacturing field. The creation of many products, such as elevators, mailboxes, boats and doors, involves sheet metal fabrication at some stage. While the process is carried out through a multitude of different procedures and techniques, using many kinds of tools, it can be generally divided into four basic steps.

1. Cutting the Metal

There are a variety of ways experts cut the sheets, including punching and shearing. Tools like lasers, plasma beams and water jets may be used.

2. Bending and Shaping the Metal

After the needed pieces are cut out, they need to be bent and formed. This is most commonly performed using a special machine called a press brake, which forces the metal down into a V-shaped groove. There are also ones that create U-shapes and custom shapes. Machining, stamping, folding, rotary bending and elastomer bending are bending and shaping processes.

3. Putting Together the Metal

The next step is to join the sheets together. This may be done through welding, riveting, applying adhesives, brazing and screwing.

4. Finishing the Metal

Finally, finishing is done to clean the product up. This may mean smoothing, polishing, painting, coating or some other form of treating and may involve the use of powders and other materials. This may serve to protect the surface or to confer properties like conductivity and resistance.

Sheet metal fabrication is a valuable process needed for the manufacture of countless items in society, including household items and business equipment. There are many different tools and methods used in it.