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5 Options To Consider When Choosing a Commercial Roof

commercial roofing

When it is time to replace your building’s roof, there are several options to choose from. If you have a significant amount of money budgeted for the project, you will have more choices. Consider five types of commercial roofing materials.

1. Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Roofing

This is one of two types of single-ply membrane roofing. TPO roofing Los Alamos NM covers flat roofs and reflects the sun’s UV rays. This roofing product can be purchased in rolls ranging from 20, 12 and ten feet wide. Once it is rolled out, the seams are welded together with a hot-air gun.

2.Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM)

EPDM is the second kind of single-ply membrane system. It is often referred to as rubber roofing. It is applied in large sheets and provides reinforced protection from water due to the limited seams. It provides resistance to ozone and ultraviolet light.

3. Built-Up Roofing 

When you hear roofers mention BUR, this is the kind of roofing they are referring to. Multiple layers of gravel and tar are used for this roof system. It is a durable and cost-efficient type of commercial roof.

4. Sustainable Roofing

Better know as green roofing, this is a system that is versatile and energy-efficient. It manages the drainage of water and protects buildings from the weather. It is among the more aesthetically pleasing options for protecting the top of a commercial building.

5. Metal Roofing

This option provides a number of different choices of metal, including aluminum, stainless steel, tin and copper. Although susceptible to rusting, metal roofs can be coated with protective layers that will protect them from rain, sun and other weather-related elements.

There are other options to consider for your building. However, these are among the more common commercial roofing systems. One of these would make a good choice for your property.…

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