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What You Need To Know About Fire Sprinkler Systems

fire sprinkler systems

In public buildings, workplaces and shopping malls, an often unnoticed but critical safety device is over your head: the fire supression system. In many cases, the only visible evidence of these systems is the head of the fire sprinkler on the ceiling, but that they are out of sight doesn’t mean they don’t matter. Here are important facts to know about fire sprinkler systems, their function and maintenance.

Testing and Inspection

Because there is no way to actively test fire sprinkler systems safely, regular inspection is important. The National Fire Protection Association recommends fire sprinkler suppression systems be inspected four times a year.

A qualified technician performs safety checks on the premises. Should any part of the fire system fail to pass inspection, you will need to contact a certified service technician to repair fire sprinklers California.

Fire Sprinkler Design

Although the technology is over 100 years old, sprinkler-based fire suppression is still the most widespread and reliable form of fire suppression device. These systems are designed with each sprinkler head acting both as a fire sensor and a water distribution device.

Fire sprinkler systems aren’t triggered by smoke or chemicals, unlike smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. Instead, the sprinkler heads are attached to water pipes under pressure. The head contains a heat-sensitive bulb of liquid that triggers when the surrounding temperature reaches 150 degrees. When this happens, the liquid expands and bursts the bulb, which causes the release of water from the pipe directly to the high-temperature area, where the fire is active.

The Effectiveness of Sprinkler Systems

It is not always the goal of a sprinkler-based fire suppression system to completely extinguish a fire. The goal is to slow the spread of the fire enough to allow people to exit the building or area before it is consumed by fire. Another purpose is to limit the fire until firefighters can arrive to douse it and also ensure that no flare-ups occur.

Regular testing of fire sprinkler systems helps ensure they work effectively, potentially saving people and property in the case of a disaster.…

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