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How To Keep Your Koi Pond Maintained

A koi pond can be a relaxing enhancement to your backyard landscape, offering a meditative area with the soothing sounds of water and the graceful movements of the fish. Keep your pond maintained so you can enjoy your pond for years without having to deal with costly repairs or horrible odors.

Control the Fish Population

An overcrowded pond results in an unhealthy environment for your koi fish. When you notice your pond population increasing, have fish removal of overpopulated ponds Kent CT come out to decrease the number of fish swimming around so the oxygen levels can increase and allow your fish to thrive.

Feed Fish on a Schedule

Koi fish only need to be fed once a day. Feeding them more than this will lead to uneaten food that pollutes the water, which can cause bacteria growth and an unhealthy habitat for your fish. Excess food decaying in the water can also lead to nasty smells permeating the air in your backyard.

Clean Regularly

Create a maintenance schedule so you stay on top of keeping your pond clean. Remove debris, such as sticks, leaves and plant matter, every time you pass by your pond to prevent organic buildup. Have a weekly, monthly and seasonal maintenance calendar so your pond water stays fresh and your fish stay healthy. Check your filter equipment, the water temperature and the number of fish to stay on top of minor repairs and make necessary changes to the habitat.

Control Algae

Algae thrives on the nitrate available in your pond. Too much nitrate leads to excessive algae growth and a decrease in the available oxygen for your fish. Control the growth with algaecides or UV lighting.

Keeping a koi pond healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. A simple maintenance schedule will keep your pond clean so you can enjoy your fish and relax in your backyard.…

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