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3 Things To Know About Mold in the Home

Mold in the Home

In-laws, mice and nosy neighbors aren’t the only unwanted guests plaguing many American homes. In every state of the nation there are homeowners working diligently to keep mold from taking hold of his or her abode. The tiny fungus plays an important role in nature by helping to decompose dead trees and fallen leaves, but when left unchecked in a house or other building it can lead to serious structural problems. Here are a few tips if you suspect mold has made its way into your residence.

Assess the Situation

First, examine the area in question to see if you’re dealing with mold or just a dirty spot. Mold has a distinct musty odor and will spread out over time, something a dirt stain will not do. You also may detect peeling or warping on the surface around mold deposits. Pay special attention to dimly lit areas that are exposed to moisture, such as attics, basements and bathrooms. There are numerous products available that assist in testing for mold in house Portland Oregon or your area.

Take Proper Precautions

Many people are allergic to mold, with it causing symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, wheezing, sore throat and skin rash. Individuals with compromised immune systems or breathing conditions like asthma and COPD are especially at risk. Keep these members of the household away from affected areas, and when anyone needs to be in the vicinity, have them wear n95 face masks. If attempting to clean the mold, be sure to wear gloves and eye protection.

Remove the Mold

Fortunately, numerous commercial products are available that will eliminate mold. If you prefer a chemical-free approach, homemade solutions using vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, tea tree oil and other natural products also may be employed. If the area is widespread or the mold has already compromised the structural integrity of the home, seek the assistance of a mold removal professional.

Nobody wants to deal with mold, but at least it’s a problem that can be resolved. Use these tips to keep your home mold-free.…

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