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How Does Your Garden Grow? That Depends on Your Soil Type!

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If you are a relative newcomer to your home or haven’t yet developed your yard and garden areas, an experienced landscaper can help you achieve a unique design. However, before you look into residential landscape services St Louis MO, conducting a careful examination of the earth beneath your garden beds might be your best strategy. The type of soil you have can help determine the options for landscaping.

Your property is comprised of one or more of these three basic soil types: sand, silt or clay. Each soil type provides nourishment values that enhance and support specific varieties of vegetation.


Sandy soil attracts heat and dries out quickly. Its gritty texture lets nutrients drain away in wet conditions. When amended with proper mixtures of organic fertilizer and mulch, sandy soil retains moisture and cultivates easily. It is optimal for bulb and root vegetable growth.


Silty soil is nutrient-rich and best for holding moisture when amended with organic compost matter. This process adds nutrients and improves its drainage potential. Grasses, shrubs, climbing vines, fruits and vegetables excel in this soil.


Clay is the most challenging soil due to its primary properties: When dry, it is difficult to penetrate; when wet, it is sticky and lumpy. With little or no air within it, drainage is nearly impossible. Ornamental trees, shrubs, fruit trees and late summer vegetables thrive in clay soil.

There are simple soil-identifying tests to help determine the composition of your growing areas. Additionally, an inexpensive soil pH test kit grades pH values of the soil’s nutrients in preparation for a successful planting season.

Once you have determined the makeup of your grounds, you can move to the next phase of the project: the overall design of the landscape. A professional can help you choose the desired effect for your home. Knowing your soil type helps ensure a beautiful array of your favorite plants and blooms can thrive and beautify your dwelling.…

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