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3 Types of Waste Stream Processing Equipment

waste stream processing

When it comes to dewatering, industrial wastewater treatment, and other similar projects, highly sophisticated and expensive equipment is needed to get the job done right the first time. Many companies can’t afford to purchase their own equipment, so they have to rent the necessary tools and machines from another agency. Learn about three common types of waste stream processing equipment that you can rent below.

1. Mini Dredge

Mini dredges are excellent at removing sludge and restoring storage capacity to various types of bodies of water. They are highly effective at transferring a wide range of mud, silt, sand, and more from your property’s lakes, ponds, canals, and other bodies of water to a more desirable location.

Most construction sites, public works departments, and property owners don’t need to use a mini dredge all that often, making renting these machines a very cost-effective and smart decision.

2. Plate and Frame Presses

One of the most effective and widely used equipment for wastewater treatment, plate and frame presses, or recessed chamber filter presses, are fantastic at separating water from solids. These devices work by using filter cloths on the plates to allow liquids to flow through and solids to stay behind. The machine usually works in a series of press cycles, and after each press cycle, the solids are removed from the filter chambers.

3. Belt Presses

Belt presses are also a great choice for dewatering. They work by squeezing sludge in between woven filter belts, which presses out most of the water. The remaining solids can be pushed out and used for other purposes or discarded.

When it comes to dewatering or wastewater treatment, having the right tools for the job can make a world of difference. Each of the above machines has its own set of pros and cons, so be sure to ask an expert about which will suit your needs best before renting.…

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