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Waterfront Safety 101: How To Keep Children Safe While Visiting the Beach

Waterfront Safety

Everyone enjoys a day at the beach, especially children. However, children are the age group most prone to accidents near lakes and oceans. So, how do you keep your children safe while still letting them have fun in the sun?  Keep these five tips in mind, and you can enjoy your relaxing beach day with peace of mind.

1. Dock Safety

First and foremost, your dock must have a ladder. Toddlers are especially at risk for falling into the water and drowning. A dock ladder with wide steps, such as these aluminum dock ladders, will give them a safe way back up out of the water.  Additionally, seniors and pets can benefit from dock ladders.

2. Life Jackets

The United States Coast Guard recommends that children under the age of 13 wear a life jacket while near water. Ensure that your child’s life jacket is the correct size for their height and weight. Adult life jackets are not suitable for children.

Note that people of all ages should wear life jackets when they are aboard a seafaring vessel.

3. Supervision

Always supervise your children when they are near large bodies of water. A lifejacket is never a replacement for adult supervision.

4. Swim Lessons

All children should know how to swim. The Red Cross and the YMCA offer low-cost swimming lessons for people of all ages. Different programs may also be offered through local schools and sports facilities.

5. Sun Protection

Too much sun exposure at a young age can spell trouble for your children down the line.  Skin cancer is exceedingly common throughout the United States. Make sure that your child is always wearing sunscreen. Reapply every two hours. Give them sunglasses or tinted goggles to protect their eyes. Every so often, bring them over to the shade to rehydrate and take a break from direct sun exposure.

The waterfront is a wonderful place to be, but its dangers need to be treated with respect.  Encourage your children to play safely during your next beach visit.…

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