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Top Decisions for Your New Home

June 30, 2021

New Home

Whether you are building a new home or just purchased a fixer-upper, there are plenty of decisions to be made. Your builder will probably provide you with a list, and here are a few tips to consider.


Buy the finest flooring options that will fit your budget. You really don’t want to replace all your carpeting because the traffic areas are worn after just two years. You can choose wood, tile, or vinyl plank flooring for hard surfaces. Rugs can be added in the areas you want some softness beneath your feet. Keep the floor colors muted and add brightness with your draperies, furniture and artwork.


You will be selecting cabinets Atlantic Beach for your kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms, and maybe even some for your master closet and garage. This is another area where you don’t want to cut corners. Well-made cabinets can last for decades. You may want to make each room unique through fun-colored tile countertops and backsplashes.


Lighting fixtures that blend from one room to the next will increase the flow of your home. Fixed cans in the kitchen and main areas add plenty of light to those rooms. Don’t forget the ambiance that lamps will bring once those main lights are dimmed. Remember to include enough exterior lighting to increase the safety of your home.


Your home exterior can be brick, stucco, stone, vinyl siding, cement board or wood. If you want the option to change colors down the road, then choose your materials accordingly. You will also be deciding on your landscaping. Consider at least some areas of your yard where you can use xeriscaping. Think about whether you want a garden area or privacy fencing.

Living in your new space will be worth all the time you spend making these decisions. Hopefully, you will enjoy your choices for years to come.